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Simon Hoyle Founder
Simon Hoyle, Founder & Owner

Simon Hoyle has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. It all began with a temporary job assignment with AIM Funds, that soon led to working with advisors like you. From marketing specialist to sales desk manager, his focus has always been educating and supporting advisors. With care and expertise, he led a prominent service-oriented sales team to industry recognition by the DALBAR® Service Award, a nod to high-touch service companies who deliver more rewarding practice experiences for your benefit. With an advisor focus, he launched his recruiting career with local IBD NEXT Financial, an independent broker-dealer, owned and managed by their financial advisors. The valuable insights and experience of IBD culture and offerings enabled him to deeply understand how to best serve you.

His contributions led to business development opportunities at Cambridge Investment Research, Kestra Financial, and Securities Service Network (now Osaic)* Benefit from broker-dealer experience that provides a true perspective and understanding of the regulatory partners and landscape. Benefit from experience gleaned from the inside walls of the biggest and smallest broker-dealers. The drive to provide you independent, fiduciary-focused consulting, courtesy of industry consolidation, led to RIA Choice and advisor services.


Simon strives to be both servant and steward to his clients, which he strongly feels is the best approach for all to benefit. He holds transparency, integrity, and diligence as core values that support advisors’ best interests.

Simon's authored insights

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