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Independent BD

Many BDs, especially larger ones, have a culture of fee and expense disclosure, instead of focusing on the best interest of clients and advisors.


Fees to access turnkey asset management platforms and institutional custodians are highly profitable for BDs- and involve minimal or limited maintenance activity after accounts are set up. Advisor and client fees significantly contribute to forgivable loans, especially fees from advisory and cash accounts, and regulators have taken notice. However, with the right partner you have a broader and better priced practice environment. Many BDs(especially smaller and niche-focused ones) offer very competitive pricing, more flexibility, greater independence, and better service overall.

Hybrid RIA

A hybrid RIA is an independent RIA firm  where advisors can keep their commission business through an external BD relationship. 


Maintaining a BD relationship allows comprehensive investment solutions that can promote client retention and attract new ones . Many external BDs offer 100% payout on your RIA business if you generate sufficient transactional revenue.


Maximize your client investment choices with more solutions available than ever as RIAs now offer alternative investments, variable, and fixed insurance on a fee basis.

Tuck-in RIA

Like it sounds, advisors affiliate with an RIA firm or BD-RIA who do the heavy lifting. Common scenarios include W-2 employee or captive advisors breaking away from wire houses and banks. Amenities include office space, equipment, staff, technology, practice management, and large upfront forgivable notes.


Payouts are significantly lower to cover these costs, 40%-50% is common. Reps are commonly required to promote their affiliates' brand and may be pressured to sell all, or a majority ownership in their practice, as a contractual obligation.


However, selling more than 50% equity ownership of your book gives the buyer control over your business, and these partner contracts are often 10 years- a long time if the relationship changes.


If this is your best fit, play it safe and hire a securities attorney to review contracts so you know exactly what you're signing. This small investment will cover your bigger investment, your practice. As the saying goes, better to spend $5,000 now than $50,000 later.

Turnkey RIA

Independent RIAs that provide essential structure, functions and features to run your independent practice. For a reasonable all-in fee they provide BD essentials such as compliance, supervision, technology, operational support, and more. Many have niche focuses that align perfectly with your business model.

If you don’t want to run a business on top of a business (managing your own RIA firm is a lot of work, effort, and responsibility) this is one of the most compelling options.


Partnering with the right Turnkey RIA frees you to spend more time with clients, less time in the office, while saving clients from excessive and needless fees. Net more revenue and enjoy a higher level of independence, flexibility, and service.

Register your own RIA Firm

For the most independent advisor, who will need to register their firm at the state or federal level. If you're fiercely independent and have the assets and staff to make it work, this could be a good option for you. You receive 100% payout and are responsible for everything: compliance, technology, administrative support, etc. 


We provide compliance and practice support relationships to do the heavy lifting for you, making this option more attractive. This includes registration, agreements, advertising, websites, written policies and more- almost everything except placing trades.

Net revenue from a turnkey RIA versus the costs of running your own RIA is often a financial break-even for advisors in the $500K revenue range. This let's you shed significant responsibility, time, and liability, and focus more on your business.

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